Being a parent is hard, but at least tonight you could get some sleep...

Storybook helps your little one fall asleep, improve discomforts and connect with them via massage, stories, and music.

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What is Storybook?

Storybook is an application that combines bedtime stories with infant massage to improve sleep in babies and children. It also strengthens the child-parent bond through touch and creates special moments with easy and personalized techniques.

More than 1 million users.

More than 50 stories with monthly updates.

80% of children sleep better with Storybook.

89% better connection with your child.

Designed for children 0-10 years old.

Songs specially chosen for children.

Infant massage, reflexology and relaxation techniques.

Personalized profiles for each child according to their needs and likes.

Available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

#1 in 60+ countries.

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Recommended by sleep and infant massage experts.

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Becky Roosevelt


Vice President, Family Sleep Institute

"The Storybook app help families simplify the bedtime routine process and makes evenings calming and enjoyable for parents and children. Storybook is genius in its simplicity and does not have children staring at a screen before bedtime. Not only does the Storybook app provide structure to the bedtime routine, but it also facilitates a way for parents to bond with their child through storytelling and massage while they prepare their child for sleep. It is a win-win!"

Deborah Pedrick


Founder and President, Family Sleep Institute

"Parents often underestimate the importance of a bedtime routine and can struggle to get their child to sleep. Without a routine, bedtime can take hours, making for very overtired children and cranky parents! Research not only shows the importance of sleep for everyone’s overall health and well-being but also the value a bedtime routine plays in teaching children to fall asleep on their own and sleeping longer stretches at night. The Storybook app helps parents create a consistent bedtime routine that is easy to incorporate into their evening so families can connect at the end of the day while preparing children to relax for sleep."

Storybook benefits

Improves sleep

Promote deep sleep and reduce nightmares.

Eliminate pain

Eliminate muscle pain without the use of drugs.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress in parent/child.

Improves mood

Improved modd and home environment.

Stimulates the digestive system

Stimulate the digestive system, elimination abdomnial pain and gas.

Avoid fatigue

Avoid fatigue and improve the motor system.

Download and get 7 days free

Our stories

Storybook is changing the lives of thousands of parents!

Raúl, father of


“Storybook is much more than an app. It’s an incredible tool that allows you to create wonderful bonding moments with your kids. Also putting them to sleep is way much easier”

Sarah, mother of


“This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My son has ADHD, and I didn’t know how to help him. Storybook has helped me relax him and get him to sleep sooner”

Kathy, mother of


“I loved it! I got my 2 year old and my 8 year old to sleep in less that 5 minutes without any crying or tantrums…
I’ve never done that before… It also helped to create a routine. I highly recommend Storybook!”

My Story with Storybook

Melissa’s son was born with a rare medical condition and could not sleep more than two hours a day. For more than a year his family suffered with this problem, they tried all possible treatments and specialists, but nothing seemed to work until she discovered Storybook.

Founder of Storybook

In the middle of a family crisis, Dani Vega got the chance to learn all about infant massage. She combined massages with bedtime stories and the results were amazing! This discovery changed her life and the relationship with her kids and it’s now helping thousands of families around the world.

We answer your questions!

Look for your child’s permission before the massage. Regardless of your child´s age, you have to ask him or her, for example "Can I touch your back to do the massage?" It is important that he or she feels that they can decide.

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