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All children deserve to have a sacred and deep personal bond with their parents

90% of emotional problems in grown-ups can be traced back to the first 5 years of life

200% Increase of Mental health problems in kids since Pandemic started

2 out of 3 children ages 0-12 in risk of mental health related disorders (Sleep, Anxiety, Depression)

70% of children don’t get enough sleep time

Why is this so important?

The first most significant relationship your child will have is with you. This relationship will set the tone for how your child will relate to others throughout life. Are you building a solid, healthy bond?

Stories for kids from 0 to 12 years

Infant Massage reflexology and meditation

Curated music to sleep, relax, help brain development, and more

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Real parents experiences:
What Premium Storybook gives you:

More than 100 stories and songs

Over 100 massage, reflexology and meditation techniques

Personalized profiles for each of your children.

NEW stories and music added every week

Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Magical stories to share a special moment to bond with your children.
Why infant massage?

Promotes sleep

Eliminates pain

Improves mental health

Improves children’s mood

Stimulates the digestive system

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